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Our Magic the Gathering lots are handcrafted to minimize duplication and ensure in high quality condition.

About Cosmic Gaming Collections

Our company was started by Magic players who have been playing for over 50 years combined, some briefly battled on the professional level. We originally started as a collectible toy vendor but have grown over time. Our MTG collections gained local popularity so we decided we should manufacture and distribute our collections on a cosmic scale! 


Our collections focus on providing many valued Planeswalker and Mythic Rare cards. These are typically the most powerful cards in the game, so they are great for being competitive as a new player or to add to a veteran's arsenal!

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Magic the Gathering


Great for all ages!


Large Inventory

Magic The Gathering is the oldest collectible card game in the World today! Our collections include some of the best and most coveted cards available! 

Magic the Gathering is a fun and educational game that helps to develop resource management, math and strategy skills and is great for all ages and genders!

Our Magic the Gathering collections are the perfect mix of quality, craftsmanship and content diversity!

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